Billie Jean Is MIA

She said
She said
And all the things that you had to know

I look in the mirror wash my face
I try to tell myself you needed space
She says I'm sorry it's just a passing fling
It's hard not to watch the phone until it rings

She said

How can you be so thick headed?
You cannot see what's in front of you
Will it take an act of God to make you understand?
Or do I hold your hand to prove to you

I see you standing there
You run your fingers through your hair
And you stare at me
I see you stare at me
And then the feeling changes
I don't know where your smile has gone
We're back to friends again
Just back to friends again

Can you tell me why I liked you?
When you don't act the same way I do
Maybe one day you'll see what you threw away
And maybe that day we will run away

She said

Take a walk with me
I'll show you how great we can be
Don't turn your head
Did you hear what I said?
Well, I'll give you some time
To think it over in your mind
I have to make it clear
I can't wait for years

Take a walk with me and hold my hand
And I will try to make you understand (x4)

Take a walk with me and hold my hand
And I will try to make you understand(x 3)

Take a walk with me and hold my hand
She said

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