A billion people died on the news tonight
But not so many cried at the devil's sight
Well Momma said,
"It's just make believe, you can't believe everything you see So baby close
your eyes to the lullabies on the news tonight"?
Who's the one to decide that it would be all right
To put the music behind the news tonight?
Well Momma said,
"You can't believe everything you hear, the diagetic world is so unclear So
baby close your ears to the news tonight"¦
well momma saidmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm
Why dont the new casters cry when they read about people who die the least they could be decent enough to put just a tear in their eyes
its just make velieve you can't belive everything you so baby close yours to the lullabies to the news tonight
To the news tonight"¦
The unobtrusive tones on the news tonight

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