Gimme Five

Yeah by get down well you rock and roll
then you roll and rock
then you got to do it
because i don't wanna stop
yes i'm the db breaker,
the heart-taker
com'n fly guy
let's turn it up home boys,
pretty girls you don't stop
cause i'm jovanotti
gonna make you rock
baby baby gonna show you my stuff
i'm gonna tell you the way
to hit the top
hae-you can do it
hou-will you do it
hae-you can do it
let me know wot do ya want
up up up now now now
com'n you can get it gimme five
(clap clap clap)
al right
it's a new sensation
really good vibration
com'n gimme five
body stimulation
tell it to everybody
wanna be allright
dig it as a game,
give it like i like
when you party to the left
when you're rockin' to the right
when you roll up,
when you hold up
when you fell dynamite
jovanotti's on the mike
gonna do it
live fly girls home boys
com'n gonna live 1 - 2 gimme five
com'n everybody gonna wear the crown
gimme five
are you ready for a new vibration
gimme five
gimme five
party people rock the nation

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