The Last Goodbye

We can run away together
If that's what you want
We can hide away forever
If that's what you want

So just
Close the door
Let nobody else in our head
Close the door
We can lay here in our bed

Cause anything else is wasting time
When all I've wanted
Out of my life
Is just to fly away
Here by your side
Until the end of time
Till the last goodbye

Let's just live here in the moment
Sharing something real
Let's now spend these hours talking
Just give me something I can feel

Baby cause
Close to me
You let a ray of light in me free
Close to me
We don't know where I and you began


Let's shut the world out
Seeing chances must be taken
These are the moments
And baby let's make it out
In a word we'll make it somehow
I believe in here and now

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