Testo canzone di LESS THAN JAKE: Good Time For Change

Good Time For Change

Is this just like the young boy dreaming in the olden days
Watching all the old time movies only Saturday
All those soldiers and the changes would my heroes men
Who ran out of things to change
TV minute in

(Good) times have changed
TV lied
Where's the good lives?
(Good) times have changed
Before my eyes
Where's the good lives?

It's just I'd rather watch the TV in these modern days
Watching all the other movies every single day
Stealers, pushers, small time dealers are my favorite friends
And all I do is watch TV
My only other friend


Good time for change, hey (whoa)
And TV lied to me (whoa)
All I wanted to know
Is this the good life?

Whoa, whoa

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