Testo canzone di Magnolia Electric Co: Werewolves Of London

Werewolves Of London

I saw a werewolf walking with a Chinese menu in his hand
Through the streets of Soho in the rain
He was looking for a place called Lee Ho Fook's
For to get a big dish of beef chow mein
Ah-oo, Werewolves of London
You can hear him howling around your kitchen door
Better not let him in
Little old lady got mutilated late last night
Werewolves of London again
Ah-oo, Werewolves of London
He's the hairy-handed gent that ran amuck in Kent
Lately he's been overheard in Mayfair
Better stay away from him
He'll rip your lungs out Jim
Hah! I'd like to meet his tailor
Ah-oo, Werewolves of London
I saw Lon Chaney walking with the Queen
Doing the Werewolves of London
I saw Lon Chaney, Jr walking with the Queen
Doing the Werewolves of London
Ah-oo, Werewolves of London
I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's
And his hair was perfect
Draw blood

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