It's Your Life

(Milla Jovovich/Richard Feldman/Mark Holden)

We had this dream
Locked behind these wicked thoughts
You and I
We felt pain
Passed from him, to me, to you

Reaching out
INto the empty space
We lost our place

It's your life
It's your soul
It's everything
You give to him
It's my heart
In your hands
Keep it or just let it fall
Another stone
Placed in my wall

I brush away
The flaming hair across yoru cheek
To see these eyes
That lit my life
Now they're cold and dark and gone

With your smile
I'll cross this hopeless line
But don't waste time


It's your life
It's your mind
Choices that you make my love
It's my heart in your hands
Keep it or just let it fall
Another stone placed in my wall

Can't we see above
This wall?

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