Light me up,
'Cause the night is only halfway through
Flick my switch, smack my lips, let's go
I'd love to make some trouble with you
And it's ready to blow
I gotta fuse that's abused
I start to slip into anticipation,

A twisted fascination

'Cause you're outta your mind
You've got me electrified
I'm in over my head,
Shock me once,

Shock me twice
You've got me electrified,

Oh shock me!
It might be wrong,
Yeah! It might me a big mistake

That I'm willing to take

That's a charge in my heart
Hey you know I've got to rewind
Slow your motor down,
I need the twenty minutes

Back to the start of the line

A twisted fascination
I slip and gall into anticipation,

'Cause you're outta your mind
You've got me electrified
I'm over my head,
You've got me electrified
Shock me once Shock me twice
Every little thing and all the time
You've got me electrified

Repeat last chorus

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