Blood Shed

they bomb your cities
they bomb your towns
& the government won't speak a sound
they terrorize our streets
and our homes
and the government still leaves
them alone


blood shed-on the streets
blood shed-won't let us breathe [x2]
when will it ever stop

politicians are home
their children are safe
they have nothing to lose
or that's at stake
they make us shake the hand
of the enemy that shed blood
shed blood on our fathers and
our sons


what can i do? what will it take?
to stop the fear that they create
they make us fight eachother
our loyalty our love
the blood shed on our mothers
when will it ever stop

we don't want to fight
and we don't want to be
the ones who live in fear
for all eternity
when will justice take it's course
and when will god see
that i don't want to live my life
with darkness upon me


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