Testo canzone di Nikki Webster: Something More Beautiful

Something More Beautiful

I want something more
Something more beautiful
I need something more
Something more beautiful

I, I want something more
I want something more from you, boy
You want us to be friends
I'll be losing again
Don't you know what I want fom you, baby
Something more Beautiful

Oh, baby
You got me
You've got me wrapped around you

You would say
Would make me go insane, cause

I think about us all the time
I'd love you forever, if you were mine


Oh, baby
You know it
You've got to make your mind up

Why don't you
Just tell me
What you are waiting for, cause



I want us to be more than friends
My love for you will never end
If only you believe
Baby, can't you see
It's got to be you and me


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