Live Young, Die Free

The distant sound of mercy ringing in my eyes
Far from the masses fades away
Closed my eyes and waited for the pain to pass,
Recalled a little story heard today

Yeah, I'm feeling trapped,
So locked away,
Caught in a downward spiral
In, into the black,
I won't be back,
Yeah I'll be here a while

Don't need to see, your face
Don't need to hear a word you say,
Don't need to know, your name,
Or why you're here

Shadows of the past appear in front of me
Into the masses disappear
The sound of silence ringing for a greater good,
To this point I can't beleive my ears

Yeah, coming unwrapped,
Starting to fray
Walking the final mile
In, into the black,
I won't back,
Choose to be here a while

Then I saw your face,
And I heard the words you said
Then I recalled your name,
And why I'm here

When I look into your eyes an' saw how much you cried,
An' I had a revelation
The pain wouldn't pass, the scars they would last,
Into God's creation
Blessed secrets holding me
Then we all closed our eyes, an' laid down and sighed:

Live young die free!

A distant chime of mercy ringing one last time
Into the masses turns to clay
Molded into what is now, the greater good
To close the story yesterday

Don't need to see your face,
Don't need to hear a word you say
Don't need to know your name,
Or why you're here

Then a child of a liar put his hands into the fire,
Called it discontention
And a man with the word repeated what he heard,
Led to mass confusion
Blessed secrets, agony
Then the child closed his eyes and laid down and died

Live young die free

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