Testo canzone di PAICE ASHTON LORD: Malice In Wonderland

Malice In Wonderland

You've got yourself on
You've got yourself feelin' nice
it's rollin' out your fingers
and everythin' is cool as ice
you take it all for granted
and don't you know that's not the way

I know your gonna regret it
some day some way
You're gonna find
you'll wonder why understand
big bad practice
Malice in Wonderland

I won't trouble you
now don't you trouble me
I don't want no part of
your big fat hierarchy
you are gonna realise
wake up and find one day
what ever you gave out
you're gonna have to pay
you're gonna find out
you're wonder why just understand
Malice in Wonderland

You don't seem to know
wrong from right
I look at you and I lose
my appetite
You know your playin' around
with dynamite
I don't think your ever gonna
see the light
and you don't seem to understand
Malice in Wonderland

Just watch that radar
and wash your linen through
Black man, white man
and maybe someone
just like you
wake up come alive
you know we're all born free
If you wanna mess it up
then don't bother listening to me
No No you don't seem to understand
you're the reason for
Malice in Wonderland

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