You Can Feel Bad

The Car is runnin' and your bags are packed
I guess that says it all
Your head is hangin' and you look real sad
maybe you shoud've called
You say you think you need a brand new start
You're really sorry that you broke my heart
well i'm not really fallin' apart but baby
You can feel bad if it makes you feel better
Picture me cryin' reading all your love letters
Walkin' around in your old sweaters baby
You can feel bad if it makes you feel better
Maybe I'll go out tonight yeah i'll paint the town
And maybe I'll run into you while I'm runnin' 'round
There's a good chance I'll be alone
An even better one that you won't
and when it's time for me to go home baby
If it makes you feel something
Yeah take another look at these tears i'm crying
They're not fallin' on your shoulders they're fallin' on mine
Yeah I've seen this comin' for a long long time
Now I'll be just fine
If it makes you feel something
If it makes you feel better

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