verse 1: You think that we can't see your face I think you need to give us our space you know that we can raze this place and leave you without a trace Storm trooper storm trooper why are you here the youth them getting restless and they don't want you near Your watching us your watching us it so improper we've seen your kind before we call it informerStorm trooper storm trooper where will you go? This world she no like you so you better stay low And up from the mountains and out from the trees, that is where you come from you crawl like the one disease
verse 2: So now you pass me the laser beam and you want me to join the team Well Im not used to these kinds of things, but this is what the evil brings Let me tell you bout the fire You could bring the waters up above I'll bring my favorite people and I'm bringing all my love You want a battle well don't look very far, you want to fight somebody come fight the superstar I knew you wouldn't stand a chance you left without a passing glance, there's nothing you could ever do to keep me from stopping you
verse 3: It's so dark and lonely out here in outer space, but at least I got my keyboard and my low bot has his bassPlaying street sweeper tunes and watching tye fighters fly by Things would be better if I was back at home with pepper burning pakalolo not even noticing the weather so far and so alone a million light years away Storm trooper storm trooper back up from my door I got my blaster set I'm ready to start a minor war This won't be the day you were hoping for so just walk away walk away Better run now cause your done now cause your standing in a bad mans town, boy Time to get back to my daily routine have a beer at a bar on tattooine
chorus: You take away everything , make my people scream out loud Just bring it back Lord just bring it back You mess it up and you rearrange open your eyes and turn the page Just bring it back
chorus 2: I believe I'll interject to talk about the word respect Its not a word that's in your hands its more about the common man You took your time and paved the way making room for other man to play a grip of bodies a mess of minds endless conversations to rock na na na na

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