Testo canzone di Peter Cincotti: I'd Rather Be With You

I'd Rather Be With You

(Music & Lyrics by Peter Cincotti)

It's been a while since I saw you
And I don't know what to say
I've flown around the world in circles
Since fame and fortune came my way
Girls are all around me now it's true
But you should know I'd rather be with you
Smiling people all around me
And never meaning what they say
All the women that's around me
Pretend they love me all the way
But I don't have to wait until I fall
To realize they don't really care at all
Now all I can do is to rely on my feelings
Now I'm thinking of you
And my heart is revealing that I love you
When I come home again I'll find you
And I'll be singing you this song
And then I'll kiss you and remind you
I have loved you all along
Even though I'm loving what I do
But now you know I'd rather be with you
With you, you

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