Say What You Came To Say

Take from me all you need
Take want you want to
Then leave on your knees

Thankfully, I gave all you asked for
You still wanted more from me
Take what you came to take
Please leave

Say what you came to say
Take what you can to take, please

You'll still be the rain and the thunder that burns in the heart of me
And you'll still hear my voice as it speaks to you
Tells you the things that you always have wanted to hear
Still feel my hands as they reach out and grab you hold
Though they are not what you need

Still see my face as I try to embrace
All the things you wanted me to be
Ah, can you feel?

Hopefully, the place that you find yourself in is the place that you
have always wanted to be
As for me, well I pray that you fall from the path and you find
yourself wandering back here to me

And what if I stay here forever?
I think that's as long as I'd wait

If you've said what you came to say,
took what you came to take
Say what you came to say,

Ah, can you feel?

It's only love that you've taken from me

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