Peace Pipe

Whas really goin on?
My people we onna rise
If we jus open our eyes
Can u see wha makes us weak?
Killin each otha for a color
Right now as i speak
Understand tha cowardz act fools
But tha bravest of all men obey gods rules
[Carlos Coy]
I see my streetz full of hustlas sellin dope
Creepin trophy truckz and buss off killa smoke
I see older folkz turn away
they disgusted all tha money that i earn a day
And they been busted but everybody payed for
Tha way they live may i be on my way lord
I make a wish, I see mothaz on crack
G'z gotta serve them everybody wanna stack
Keys it dont hurt them cold blooded will it eva be?
Aint no love u can die and still neva see
That tha blood that u spillin is ur own kind
Now take a look who u killin when u go blind
All tha years sellin bricks black taught me well
That life only gives back wha u can sell
And this message is colored by aspairity
So out of lessons these streets wanna marry me
And its on
We're gunna take control
Take a place out to toro
U know we got to blow
That peace pipe, peace pipe
We're gunna take control
No matter where we go
U know we gotz to blow
That peace pipe, peace pipe
[Lil Russ]
Stop tha greed as i proceed to blaze
And recollect my thoughts, cuz we livin in tha last stage
Of revelationz doomed for a devistation
So before i die, imma bring about this unification
Spread love all across tha whole nation
Sheedin tears for my peers and all this shit we facin
Cuz lord knows, this mexicano had it bad
Just like tha rest of my people had in tha past
They been in misery sufferin thru proporty
But imma help my brothas thru this trouble G
Lil' Russ well let it be known worldwide
So imma reunite mi gente till we unify
[Carlos Coy]
Bandanas flaggin everywhere, clamin sets
Gangstas playin double dare, aimin techs
Many people heard of me when i was lost
Involved wit a dirty deed wit nino ross
Homies was tha full dad
I was at tha party wit my steel hammer pulled back
Thank god he turned into a betta man my second chance
But i dont think i ever can forget tha past
We was kids playin football havin fun
Now we playin 'shootin yall' wit real guns
One time for my dead friends I do my best
So tha trigga happy trend ends
So u may rest

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