Seven Hours

(TJ McCloud)

From the moment I knew you loved me
I could tell as well that you couldn't stay
In the morning when you left me
there were bird songs
But I didn't hear a thing as you drove away

Could seven hours be so long,
That we can't erase these wrongs
And start again?

I guess my first mistake was
taking you for granted
I guess I never saw the you who drove away
Now I'm feeling something
much much more like frantic
Cause I'm so scared this bird has flown,
she's flown away

Could seven hours be so long
That we can't erase these wrongs
Cause my heart is beating
Somewhere on the way
If I don't make it there
And I've wasted all these tears
Then I should stay
Seven hours away

I couldn't see past my windshield until Waco
When I pulled aside the road to wipe my eyes
All I know is once before
I took my changes (let her slip away)
I'm so scared this bird has flown for bluer skies


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