Lord Of The Hanged

A rant of shamanic fury

Lord of the hanged
You present with many faces
Inciting strife, bezerker rage
In the valleys of starlight
Forged maegen sculpts my frame
Through the conquest
Of fear of insanity

Much maligned by history
You're the dark so far away
Dare I trust the drighten
Of nine nights of suffering

Lord of the hanged
You choose the slain
You are the ferryman
Dare I look into your hollow eye
And see the truth inside
You breathe life into
My darkest thoughts

The wild hunt washes across my retina
My face is still but I thrash inside
And join you as you race the torrid skies

You are all aspects of my heathen soul
Your many names are within me to be called
You inspire me and unbind my threads
Walked through death and back again

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