Let It Go

i need it, completely, want you to,come near me,
i'm hopin', and gropin', want you to, get friendly,
i'm slowly, i'm holding, you tight while, you're moaning,
and i hear ya, and i bear, it will be, if you want me

chorus: let it go, if you think it's good don't be afraid to let,
let it go, just hold on tight and let emotions take control of the night

and ya ?, you're ?, to explode,
you and i, you feel me, what took you,
that makes you, ?, is it high, is it low, don't matter,
there i'll go, i heat a knock, at the door, it's you hope, ready to go

repeat chorus

hook: heres a dring so that you can unwind,
relax yourself, let me eake over your mind, after a bath a
full body massage, want you to know how it feels when you let go

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