Finders Keepers

I kicked out of the surf
And stuck my board in the sand
And then up in my Woody
To a hamburger stand
And when I got back
My nine five board was gone

She said yeah she said
(Finders keepers)
Finders keepers
(Losers weepers)
Losers weepers
(Finders keepers)
Finders keepers
Finders keepers, losers weepers

I saw a Hodaddy
Paddlin' out by the pier
Well he musta got my board
'Cause mine isn't here
But I know how to fix him
I'll just raise that meatball flag


He took off on a swell
When he saw the flag
He's just a crazy Hodaddy
Pullin' some kind of gag
He went over the falls
And now my board's
Coming back to me


That'll teach him to mess with my board
Next pass next time

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