The Big Snafu

There was a big snafu
On the edge of town
It seems a man had shot
His woman down
He stood over her body
With his smoking gun
He didn't try to hide
He didn't try to run
The police sirens screamed
Their lights broke the night
They found him just staring
At the gruesome sight
There was nothing new
About what they found
The big snafu
On the edge of town

There was a big snafu
At the factory gate
The bosses clenched
Their teeth in hate
The workmen smashed
Up against the door
They screamed "fair wages"
They wanted more
It was then that blood
Began to spill
Sculls were cracked
With a violent will
There was no chance
To negotiate
The big snafu
At the factory gate


Someday it won't be this way
Someday things are gonna change
They can't destroy all hope and faith
The prevailing human spirit remains

There was a big snafu
On the city streets
There were people in rags
With no food to eat
The privileged only
Looked down in scorn
Government turned
Its back once more
Then the riots
Began to rage
Across the land
Like a locust plague
Destruction as far
As the eye could see
The big snafu
On the city streets


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