Testo canzone di The Jackson 5: Goin Back to Indiana

Goin Back to Indiana

Come here, girl Let me let you know what's on my mind I want you next to
me so I can feel you
Ooh, girl, you got it going on with your beautiful lips and a so on and so
You say you don't like it when a gut comes on strong
Who the hell are you fooling? You know you're wrong
So let me kiss you, I won't forget you, and I betcha I'll get with you
And let you do what you wanna do
I know I'm coming on strong but I really feel for you
Cause you see, that's the way I'll always be and if you don't like me? (oh,
but I do)
What up, though, cause I want you?
Ooh, I want you, give it to me, baby Yeah, we can do this
Damn, Deedee sounds good, huh!
I want you I need you I love you Yo, gotta have you
Now that I go the track bumping Our bodies are pumping and the funk is
When you're in the car, got the 808 thumping!
I'll let you know the direction we need to go so I can let the rhyme flow
And grow and show and so you know it's just more better than before
Yo, get yourself on the dancefloor!
And let the groove soothe and make your body move
I'll take care of you, girl, so you won't disapprove
And I'll do the things you want me to do, cause I want you!
Drop it out one time Get up, get up, move your body to the beat, boy
Get up, get up, c'mon dance and feel the heat, uh-huh
Ooh, I want you, I do, I do I wanna feel the heat with you, yeah
To all the females out there: come back to the cris-ack, get in the
sit-sack, and feel the bozack
Fellas, if you're gonna get with it, protect it

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