Testo canzone di The Style Council: My Ever Changing Mood

My Ever Changing Mood

Daylight turns to moonlight-
and I'm at my best
Praising the way it all works-
gazing upon the rest
The cool before the warm
The calm after the storm
I wish to stay forever-
letting this be my food
But I'm caught up in a whirlwind
and my ever changing moods
Bitter turns to sugar-
some call a passive tune
But the day things turn sweet-
for me won't be too soon
The hush before the silence
The winds after the blast
I wish we'd move together-
this time the bosses sued
But we're caught up in the wilderness
and an ever changing mood
Teardrops turn to children-
who've never had the time
To commit the sins they pay for through-
another's evil mind
The love after the hate
The love we leave too late
I wish we'd wake up one day-
an' eveyone feel moved
But we're caught up in the dailies
and an ever changing mood
Evil turns to statues-
and masses form a line
But I know which way I'd run to
If the choice was mine
The past is knowledge-
the present our mistake
And the future was always leave too late
I wish we'd come to our senses
and see there is no truth
In those who promote the confusion for this ever changing mood

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