Baby doll, where you goin'?
So much to do, so much to see
Baby doll, why you leavin'?
Come upstairs and get high with me
The time iz nigh, for us to fly
Take you where there's no sorry
Time iz right and time iz invisible
If you'll come with me

Shot ded, by you again
You're gettin' closer, girl
I'm sensing the end
One more inch, just to the right
You got me hangin', girl
Be back tomorrow night to getcha
I smell a sweet fragrance about you
And i know that you want it too
So if i, i trip and lay one heavy on ya
Please forgive me

You're makin' me want it so
What i feel inside, I can't deny
my love

You know just where I live
I cannot slip you, girl
It's useless, I know
Nobody ever touched me before like you did
But you won't do it again, no more
The light upon your face
Iz takin me, girl
To another time and place
I want to see you so high, little girl
I can't leave you alone

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