Decatur St

Down around the corner-
Lives a naughty little girl
Who clicks her tounge, I love the way
She talk-
She pay no attention, knows I'm one of
Them sad boys
Who's hypnotized by girls who walk
The walk-

I'm no good and I like it
And the end iz comin soon
Above, the lion
Iz hungry for the dark side of the-

Decatur, the complicator-
I want a little more-
The savior of misbehavior
It's alright, circle tight, say goodnight
Hit the town-

Up high the sky iz dark and wide,
It looks like its gonna fall-

Are you all alone or shall I
Squire you home?
Or would you rather see me crawl?

I know what I had and I know
What i got-
Maybe my soul iz like a vacant lot-

Baby- it's complicated,
Though I'll never know-
A favor- to run away
You wanna party? you wanna party?
You wanna?

Do ya? do ya?
Do ya wanna roll with me?
Do ya? do ya?
Do ya wanna roll with me?
Cuz i'm juvenile-
And i'll make you cry-
You wanna ride?
Ain't nuthin free-
See somethin you like you gotta pay
Pay me or play me

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