Danny Glover

Ok, cool, ok, bu, I love her
I'mma save her, yes, like Danny Glover
I'mma call my partner befo' I fuck the mother
I pay them in molly, now kiss each other
Everytime I fuck I gotta hit me least like two bitches
Boy, tha doppy whip, you need like new wrists
Foreign car outside, that bitch got 2 digits
Money stand like 8ft, just like 2 midgets
So shawty gonna trippin get some new chicks
Let me tell you what I did
And I bought a new whip
Filled it with some cute, bitches
While they was on IG, taking a new pic
I was in the bushes in the Valentine day
With a K, tryna shoot Cupid
Think im playing, for the cab 50 bands
And whateva's stacked in that Minnie Van
You pro'ly can't relate to what I'm saying, yall niggas
Talking up foul
I do some shit you pro'ly neva did in yo life
Well I don't talk about it
Trust me now, nigga, cause you ain't 'bout that life
Hustle Gang nigga, got a pro'lem with that?
Bring the motherfucking mob and the pro'lem begins
If you ever leave from me, ain't no circling back
I bet your bitch hang up the phone, you be callin' her back
Go hard as a mother fucker
Getting head from a couple broads in this motherfucka
Aint no more fuckin credit cards in this motherfucka
Bank Roll count 50 large in this motherfucka

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