Born Slippy

Drive boy dog boy
Dirty numb angel boy
In the doorway boy
She was a lipstick boy
She was a beautiful boy
And tears boy
And all in your inner space boy
He had hand girls boy
And steel boy
He had chemicals boy
I've grown so close to you boy
And you just groan boy
She said come over come over
She smiled at you boy


Let your feelings slip boy
But never your mask boy
Random blonde boy
High density rhythm blonde boy
Blonde country
Blonde high density
You are my drug boy
You're real boy
Speak to me boy
Dog dirty numb cracking boy
You're getting wet boy
Big big time boy
Acid bear boy
Babes and babes
And babes and babes and babes
And remembering nothing boy
Do you like my tin horn boy
It get wet like an angel

You got a velvet mouth
You're so succulent and beautiful
Shimmering and dirty
Wonderful and hot time
On your telephone line
And God and everything
On your telephone
And in walk an angel

Look at me mum
Squatting pissed in the tube hole
At Tottenham Court Road
I just come out of the ship
Talking to the most blonde I ever met
Shouting lager lager lager lager
Shouting lager lager lager lager
Shouting lager lager lager lager
Shouting lager lager lager
Shouting mega mega white thing
Mega mega white thing
Mega mega white thing
Mega mega
Shouting lager lager lager lager
Mega mega white thing
Mega mega white thing
So many things to see and do
In the tube hole
True blonde going back to Romford
Mega mega mega going back to Romford
Hi mum are you having fun
And now are you on your way
To a new age tension headache

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