Devour The Rotten Flesh

Flesh Prisms of color radiate from your eyes
Through these slits you view your misery
Death lurks deep into your rotting soul
Brought to the surface by a chemical aroma

Life has given up on you in your domicilic tomb
Your dead children clutching one another
Hidden in the corner fleeing from hunger
Steaming pus oozing from their swollen orifice

Broken glass in one hand, blood caked, stiffened
Swollen arteries, hardened and purple
Vomit in the other, putrid and foamy
Holding the severed head of your faithful wife

Her bitching intolerable, now she stuffers
Rotting limbs scatter the surface around you
Living was their reason to embrace death
Dying was the only way for them to live

Giving away your worthless life

It wasn't hard embracing hell
Feeling so cold lying in flames
Satan loves you for what you've done

Lying in flesh, the screams echo
Drowning in blood, eaten alive
Over and over, raped by demons
Never ending screams of despair

Turn and see a beautifully putrid sight

Corpses of your children fusing to your chest
Burning flesh drips liquidly from their faces
The torment you caused them they reflect
Into your soul, You devour rotten flesh to
Remove it from your own
But there is no end to this pain and you laugh
Embracing hell and enduring the torture
Sinking languidly into the misery and hatred
I lament the sheer pleasure I derive from this

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