Tonight, Tonight

Only you,
you're the only thing I'll see forever
In my eyes,
In my words and in everything I do,
nothing else but you ever

And there's nothing for me but Maria,
every sight that I see is Maria

Tony, Tony

Always you, every thought I'll ever know,
every where I go,
you'll be----------------- (All the world is only you and me!)
you and me-----------------------

Tonight, tonight, it all began to night
I saw you and the world went away
tonight, tonight,
there's only you tonight,
what you are what you do, what you say---------------

all day I had the feeling a miracle would happen
I know now I was right
for here you are and what was just a world is a star tonight!-----------

Tony and Maria:
Tonight, tonight,
the world is full of light,
with suns and moons all over the place
Tonight, tonight, the world is wild and bright,
going mad shooting sparks into space
the world was just an address,
a place for me to live in,
no better than all right,
but here you are,
and what was just a world is a star

Tony and Maria:

Goodnight, goodnight
sleep well and when you dream,
dream of me

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