You Don't Own Me

There we were
On a Sunday afternoon
Just holding hands
Lovers making future plans together
We though forever, forever, yeah …

Now here we are
That hand that used to hold me gently
Doesn't know when to let me go
It holds too tight now
And we just fight now
Where is the love

You don't own me
Can't control me
I'm not gonna change for nobody

You don't own me
You can't chain me down
If I'm the one you love
Then set me free
Set me free

Side by side
We should walk together
See love eye to eye
Remember all the reasons why you love me
Strength within me
Can't tie it down

You're not my mother
Not my father
You're supposed to be my lover
Not my sister
Not my brother
Gotta be more than just another
Another guy forgettin' the combination to my heart
Just another page inside a book without a mark
Love won't be my ball and chain
Driving me insane
'Cause you're holding me down
Stop holdin' me down

You don't own me
You can't chain me down
If I'm the one you love
Then set me free

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