Yeah I'd like, seen you a little ditty?


They should've never ever let you out
Cold and? from the south
Watch you gonna say, what you gonna do
? coming after you
Watch out for the d-boys
Watch out for the boys in blue
You better keep it moving (big boy)
You know they're taking shots at you
Cos you're an animal, oh

[Verse 1]

Here we go, alabamas own buddy
Chroming eh? and I'm in the zone now
Everybody, bringing em home baby
Tour to stay?
Slick ricky bobby in a nascar
Runnin over motherfuckers like I'm in a bar
Sentimental motherfuckers in a cookie jar
Being a late night snack
I'm sending cars down the panama
Big trunk and my underalls?
Playing underwear volleyball with ya bra?
I ain't about to buy you superbees? not at all
Let me hold em up for ya baby while you walk
Wanna get the party bumping let me do my thing
Get the marijuana, crack beat? watering
Throw it in a bong let it start bubbling
Know what I mean, buttering butter butter bing?
Trashy white, pass the mic, yeah I'm doing em dirty
Just start pumping when I'm on the lights, like I'm rapping in jersey
Never get elegant in elementary, never learnt to write in jersey
Raised by the country b-boys, I'm elegantly perfect
Rack it in, pack em in, to the back again, rap it up
Rap it in, sicker than a pack of 10 minivans?
You'll get when I win but I won't lose
In fact I'm gonna win, win again with another hand
Here's another hand, here's another hand
Dilly? can I get another hand?
Heres a hand, kin kin kin?
Yelavision and the dirty south


[Verse 2]
Candy coated whip? running over candy coated rappers
Pennies on? do a back flip for me baby be an acrobatic actor
(Action! )
When I throw a dart at a wet seal? well I can see ya well I'm gonna throw a
Fucking harpoon
Well let me? moon
In the morning you're waking up like a broom swept off ya feet cos yelawolf
Ain't a groom
I ain't popping the cherry, I'm popping berry moonshine hop in the bedroom
Lets move
If ya wanna compare me, compare me to a legend, don't compare me to a young
Go get a gun, go get a gun, now get a set of bun? now sit upon your fucking

Yeah throw another bucket in the pool, dried out now everybody skate
Cos I'm a lord of the doggytown (what?)
A.l.a.b.a.m.a my state
My state of my mind 1985 wide body
Looking for the little small town gate? party
Wanna get drunk, wanna?
Get shit?
Jump on the paddy wagon like a pack of stallion?


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