Long Time Gone

by Bob Dylan

My parents raised me tenderly,
I was their only son
My mind got mixed with ramblin'
When I was all so young,
And I left my home the first time
When I was twelve and one
I'm a long time a-comin', Maw,
An' I'll be a long time gone

On the western side of Texas,
On the Texas plains,
I tried to find a job o'work
But they said I's young of age
My eyes they burned when I heard,
"Go home where you belong!"
I'm a long time a-comin',
An' I'll be a long time gone

I remember when I's ramblin'
Around with the carnival trains,
Different towns, different people,
Somehow they're all the same
I remember children's faces best,
I remember travelin' on
I'm a long time a-comin',
I'll be a long time gone

I once loved a fair young maid
An' I ain't too big to tell,
If she broke my heart a single time,
She broke it ten or twelve
I walked and talked all by myself,
I did not tell no one
I'm a long time a-comin', babe,
An' I'll be a long time gone

Many times by the highwayside,
I tried to flag a ride
With bloodshot eyes and gritting teeth,
I'd watch the cars roll by
The empty air hung in my head
I's thinkin' all day long
I'm a long time a-comin',
An' I'll be a long time gone

You might see me on your crossroads
When I'm a-passin' through
Remember me how you wished to
As I'm a-driftin' from your view
I ain't got the time to think about it,
I got too much to get done
Well, I'm a long time comin'
An' I'll be a long time gone

If I can't help somebody
With a word or song,
If I can't show somebody
They are travelin' wrong
But I know I ain't no prophet
An' I ain't no prophet's son
I'm just a long time a-comin'
An' I'll be a long time gone

So you can have your beauty,
It's skin deep and it only lies
And you can have your youth,
It'll rot before your eyes
Just give to me my gravestone
With it clearly carved upon:
"I's a long time a-comin',
An' I'll be a long time gone

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