Songtekst van Da Brat Tyrese: How U Gona Act Like Dis

How U Gona Act Like Dis

It seems like just the other day that we hooked up
I was driving you was walking and I swooped you up
from that moment on I knew you were the one
I was single you was lonely and we fell in love
we would sit and talk for hours about anything
Baby you hang up, no you hang up, on three hang up
I bought your whip I paid your rent, I gave you everything
said you'd always be my baby then you bounce

How you gonna up and leave me now
How you gonna act like that
how you gonna change it up, we just finished making up
How you gonna act like that
How you gonna act like we dont be making love
you know we be tearing it up, breaking stuff
that ghetto love
how you gonna trip
and how could you forget
how you gonna act like that

Girl I never thought that loving you would hurt
I did everything a good man would do to make it work
girl you should have told me you had second thoughts
Like before I put the down on the house we bought
now I'm thinking you and me was a mistake
but then it hits me and I'm missing all the love we made
girl I know we been going thru some thangs (yea)
but the sun is some where shining even when it rains

I'll be the one to kick it to
I'll be the one that misses you
I'll be the one to ease your pain
I'll be the one you want again
You'll be the one I can't forget
You'll be the one that's innocent
You'll be the one I can't deny
You'll be the one to make me cry


You know I'm willing to do anything just to keep you in my heart
I messed around and gave up everthing
I thought we'd never part
i was a player and I made the choice to give my heart to you
And I gotta keep it that way

Chorus untill end

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