Celestial Pleasures

Evil eyes she looks so unreal
With leather and spikes
She makes us feel
Like a beast to be unleashed
To be so hot she must be a dream
Killer bodies where are they from
Dripping with sweat ready to cum
Glowing lights they catch the moment
Porno visions envelope the night

We want more
That gorgeous whore
Pussy galore
Taking it all
Savage sex
Until the next

Cock she'll get
Paid for it
She swallows it
Next one to
Drown her in
Facial sin

She wants more
That's for sure
Wicked scenes
Just a slut
Into smut
Crave her butt
Party girls
With no shame
Hot pink lips

Temple of lust
Lives in our lives
Fire in her eyes
Dripping as she shines

[Lead: Jerry]
[Lead: Brian]
[Lead: Jerry]
[Lead: Brian]

Adoration of the bodies
Obsessed with performance
Longing for the goddess of porn
Nymphomaniac lust for sex
In the hot night fancy
She said please
Fuck me please!

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