Songtekst van Guy Sebastian: Something Don't Feel Right

Something Don't Feel Right

[Verse 1]
Last night, I road round your house around eight,
Lights out, no ride, closed gate
I wonder why your hanging out late, (all depends) are you out with your friends
(Next day) I put a call to your phone, no answer; leave a message at the tone,
I'm not tryin' to trip, but it's only the fact that I know you won't call me back

[Bridge 1]
(A honey like you) might betray me, (a honey like you) been acting strangely, (a baby like you)
You play me, play me, It's happening more and more lately


Something that I just can't put my finger on, it's not any specific thing you doing wrong, baby I can
Feel it when you hold me tight
Something Don't Feel Right, (Something Don't Feel Right)
How am I supposed to put my trust in you, every time I turn around I'm busting you, baby I
Can feel it when you hold me tight
Something Don't Feel Right

[Verse 2]

Phone rings, you say you're with your girl at The Dome, but I called her and found her
Alone, I'm guessing you didn't go alone to the club, I'm not stupid enough
I won't believe your hanging out with your friends, I see you shot gun in a Benz, cause I've
Had enough, (no defense) in the end (guess I'm just) being played again

[Chorus x1]

[Bridge 2]
(A baby like you) would drive me crazy, (a honey like you) try to train me, (a honey like you)
Would you play me baby
Wonder if you love or hate me?

[Chorus x2]

Something don't feel right

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