Do It

Yo check this, I miss the chicks dancin' on the dance floor,
kick that one time

Uh, uh, uhI wanna,
you flaunt it and we do it real slow, I wanna,
you want it and we do it some more, I wanna,
see you on my bedroom floor while I hit you wit' tha scream
'til you scream no more, I wanna,
see you in the seat of my Porsche, got the navigation this system stays on course
and of course, you know I wanna see you every week 'til we freak to every TR beat
I wanna, see you in my see-through floor
while I'm layin' in the bed through the ceiling, is it cool?
I wanna, know, but did she really know she got a menage-a-trois guy from head to toe,
I wanna, see you wit'tha rest of your tapes
so I can bring 'em to my brother, let him see what I mean,
I wanna hit it, so she know I was there,
so when the next cat come, girl he know I was there

I wanna do it, do it, do itI wanna do it, do it, do itI wanna do it, do it, do it,
so when the next cat come girl he know I was there(repeat)

Yo, now can you meet me and your teddy at my condo?
I got the fireplace, candlelight and stereo
We got it rockin' but nobody else here it go,
so when I go low, you can scream loud, yo
I wanna be that brother hoppin' out your birthday cake,
it ain't your birthday but baby I won't player hate
But can you see us in the back in the pool?
No water in the pool but she's wet, hot and cool
And now we thirty thousand feet in the air,
I got you on the jet doin' it and pullin' your hair,
and it's a shame it ain't no room in first class,
but we gon' make it happen baby, just don't spill the glass
I want one wish just to get with you, on every corner, smashin' true
Uhh, ask Guy, they gon' tell you the same,
I wanna do it 'til I do it 'til I blow the brain

Do it, do it, do it, do itDo it, do it, do it, do itDo it, do it, do it, do it
Uhh, 'til I blow the brain

I like it 'cause nobody else knows, I like when you touch your toes,
I like how you lick your lips, come out your lingerie and twist your hips
Never ever play for keeps, when the time is right, spread love wit' my peeps,
I like it how everything goes, nice and slow, up and down, hey yo hey yo!

I wanna, I wanna hear ya yell 'Pirate! Ahoy!'
While I bring it from the back, Teddy givin' ya joy
I wanna, I wanna see you at the top of my ship,
pirates watch buckles and you know she wit'
I wanna, I wanna bounce wit' your eyes on the island,
I wanna switch up styles while we study profilin'
I wanna, know, now did you know my lingo?
When I yell 'let ho,' that mean baby let's go,
I wanna poke it to pull(??) like a Roy Jones bout,
so when she step into the room her body knockin' ya out,
I wanna chill wit'cha just, chill wit'cha
Guy, Teddy Riley, Aaron, Damion, Guy, get the picture, what!
We live, procraste in the dark,
got a girl in my room, she tryin' to tear the room apart,
but I'm a pirate, why she actin' all brave,
ahoy, baby get ready I'm 'a sail your waves

I wanna do it, do it, do itI wanna do it, do it, do itI wanna do it, do it, do it
Ahoy! Get ready I'm 'a sail your waves(repeat)

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