f/ Bonafide & Coffee, Lisa Kimmey

[Chorus: Coffee]

Where you roam to be transformed and renewed
Do not be conformed unto what the world do
Be washed by the word and renew the mind
Take the mud from your eyes and quit walking with the blind

[Verse 1: Knowdaverbs]

West Coast:

A lot of busters play tricks and try to fade this
But they know they can't deny the like the way it ride
I reside on the left hand of the map
Pray to God every day for protection where I'm at
From the land of funkadelic inspired beats
Mobbin' from church in impalas to swap meets
Trying to take this rap game to another level
On point like the crease on my khakis gaffel the devil
Bow down to the one who's always able to hear us
Never wrong will he steer us keep the evil far from near us

[Verse 2: Knowdaverbs]


Curious of multiplicity in this thang called the rap game
Everybody claiming be different but sounding the same
Don't fold, Don't let the music take control
of your soul to get the bank roll
At times thinking of varied and different kinds
of people poppin' in tapes hearin' sound-a-like rhymes
My mind is turnin' trying to figure out why
that everytime we shoe 'em Christ people try to turn back
Still though kickin' it to you like toe to heel bro
If you didn't know the Mid-West kicks the quick flow
See, it just dazzles me
Original individuals is what we strive to be

[Verse 3: Knowdaverbs]

Down South: (Deep South)

Tighten my style and maintain it like gals do braids
Take my time to elevate like wrecking balls on cranes
Hoping you get convicted if you feel you done wrong
Like people doused in denim livin' within' prison walls
Comin' out the area where the twang bang
Like a mix 'tween Shania Twain and a chain gang
When you roam pay attention to they song before you clone it
Like disciples on a boat finding fish we boat it, boat it

[Verse 4: Lisa Kimmey]

East Coast:

Who said the girls can't rhyme? Well that's a fable
A female that's a Factor is just as quick to grab the cable
Unless, if best, we rock a show with wireless
Verbalize in the chrome dome into the abyss
Servin' hard not for the money yet divinely employed
Writin' checks by the word that never comes back void
I've ensued to be renewed and navigate through difficulty
Watch him work his wonders in his time he catapults me
From start to finish from the hip I hop in it
Like a pair of new shoes I can't wait another minute
Soak the truth and try to speak it to my people
He ain't never done son keep your ears peeled For the sequel!

[Bridge: Bonafide & Coffee]

Somewhere Else:

Nashville will roam it out now
Texville will roam it out now
Atlanta will roam it out now
Phoenix will roam it out now
???? go show it out now
Memphis go roam it out now
???? go roam it out now
Miami go roam it out!
Miami! Miami! Miami roam it out now


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