Songtekst van Stacie O'Rico: Bounce Back By Stacie Orico

Bounce Back By Stacie Orico

It blew my mind
into a million pieces
pushed you aside
and still you got my back
Chapter one page one
this is the part where i got weak
fell in too deep
everyday and night got caught up in the hype
started getting rough but cause you showed me love i'm gonna

Bounce Bounce back
shake it off get right on track
i'm movin' on
gotta put it in the past
Bounce Bounce Back
snap my fingers its just like
i let it go
gotta let it fade to black
like a river
cry all my tears
I have to swim through it
dry it off i'm outta here
Bounce Bounce Back
Shake it off I'm right on track
I'll be movin' on

Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Back
Bounce Bounce Bounce Bounce Back

Another day, still playa's out to run game
Trying to make me flow to places I don't roll
Chapter two, page two
Happening again, like dejavu, but its brand new
Testing my faith I won't make the same mistakes
So playa drop the drama
Flip the script and now I'm gonna


Yo, You've been down since the day i found ya
there ain't no way that I can do without ya
Its off the chain the way I feel about you
I know I fell astray, believe me when I say
This time Lord this time i'm gonna be strong
This time Lord you know i'm gonna hold on
This time Lord When you forgive a wrong, I'm leaving it alone
gonna be bounced, bounced bounced bouncin' back oh ya

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