A Journey With Oak Staves

After a short piece of music, a story is told of runes and the magic of Wyrd
Gifts are exchanged to fortify old bonds

It hailed so fast
We could not see the headland through it
Send for crows send the ravens
Thought and memory
Came back to me
Painted runes upon my starry eyes
Through twisted creaking boughs
Three sisters slice trough time
We raised our horns to the three norns
Our forefather's philosophy
Creaks in the green trees
Aching to be embraced again
The staves tell a tale
Of what was once
And what is now
And what could be
And what could be

Gifu is the gift I aspire to give
To drink from fountains
Deep wells that stare
All through my starry eyes
If I stop to take it
It just drifts away
But all things come to
Those who live by
The steel and the rune

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