Criminal Deities

Aeons born through the prismatic chaos, the path turns in circles around the void
Eternal renewal of the border we seek, sorrow bore whore, we create endlessly
Time doesn't have any barriers to us, limited horizons of infinity merge
Malign signs of dimensions added, sorrow bore whore, phantoms of science

Sin of time, occurs against their God, faith to death, trial and forgiveness
Blinds you need for Hell, the call of the cell times of sin arrives against their God

Criminal deities throne from beyond time the black seraph gods

Worship of abominations, asylum of the unpure
The cult that knows neither, beginning, neither end
Livid perception, cunt polymorphous
Faith in illness, rise arch deicide

Reign of sickness, dead from inside, masters of time, none sees the light
Predictions and lies, pseudo sacroliber, the ninth dimension expurses from the mouth of Christ
Collective mass suicide, guidance through misery
The grand sect of the gods have sealed your faith

Blood of choice, the loss of physical memory
White lines of the holy ghost feel my soul with apathy
Bounds of fire, suspended suicide
Lost in the chess game, rules that condemn in either ways
Eaten again by every time, the muddy crown of victory

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