Prendelo (Light It Up)


Prendelo, prendelo
Prendelo, What that mean yo?
It's light it up
Got my man Tony Touch on this
We're gonna touch it up like this
I go uh ah, yo yo, Psycho c'mon

[Psycho Les]

I go uh ah off the snare drum
It's Big Psych long time no hear from
Bangin tracks out so wax out your ear drums
Max out prepare to blackout
Here comes open candela
Once again it's off the cadena
Tell you with confidence I don't believe in promises
Niggaz slippin with the dough
So you got's to stay on top of it
If you wanna a lot of it and never be broke (be broke)
Get ready for more problems like puffin Tito (Tito)
Everyone's a gambler, nobody plays fair
You wanna be a stupid player yeah yeah
Well you're half way (c'mon man) there stupid ass


Aiyyo who ever got weed
About a pound is all we need
We about to get it chronc
Everybody getting drunk
To my niggaz on the streets
And to whoever want beef
Prendelo, what, prendelo, what

[Big Ju]

I go click click pow off of the snare drum
It's the junkyard nigga long time no hear from
Headed uptown to cop the finest
Gotta get some first no matter how long the line is
All my music is timeless
Gotta keep the pretty girls shaking their masses for your highness
Juju could you buy me a beer
What the fuck's happenin here no drinks til I'm tappin the rear
Is there a problem am I making that clear
Get the fuck up outta my ear
I ain't buying shit this year
All y'all gold diggas give it a break
What you need to do is buy my tape
And hear them gems from inside my crate
If you like a niggaz style that's great
But please forget about my cake bitch


Aiyyo who ever got weed
About a pound is all we need
We about to get it chronc
Everybody getting drunk
To my niggaz on the streets
Prendelo, what, prendelo, what, prendelo

Who's up next to bat
Llego El Caballo, Tony joda

[Tony Touch]

It goes uh ah off the snare drum
Tony Toca long time no hear from
So wake up and smell the bustelo and say hello
To this fly fellow word to my abuelo
Prendelo whether you're a friend or foe
Entiendelo kid I got the endless flow
I made money off the books but I spent it though
Still running with these quirks wearin expensive clothes
The triflest talking about light the splift
Everybody in the room swingin right to left
It ain't a Tribe Called Quest it's Psycho Les
Tone Touch Big Ju getting you hype to death
Hype as fuck talking about light it up
Shorty gave me no play is she a dyke or what?
I don't like to walk fast man I like to strut
Man I'm done here another one bites the nuts kid

What now what what
You tricked me
That's right we tricked you
You tricked me
What you thought
You tricked me
You knew I was on to you, how?
Ha ha, don't make me laugh
The Beatnuts
You tricked me
Tony Toca
El Caballo

For my nigga Big Pun, prendelo
For my nigga J B, prendelo
For my nigga Big L, prendelo
Keep it movin Beanuts nigga
Party up in here
Where the strippers at?

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