Cold World

I sit alone in the basement
Facing, chasing these wicked, demons
Got thoughts up in ma head of my daddy's wasted s-semen
Havin' her in the bedroom,
9-1-1 cuz im not breathin'
feelin like death is getting closer and I can't stop from secedein'
Do I run to the mirror
look at me, and pull the trigger
hooker said body found dead and gone
well shit, just another dead nigger
My future, lookin weary, hear me
maybe after that wanna flex, wanna hustle
never lay down a bit and tussle
take my life, in one night
now im havin' visions
Do or die based on decisions
movin crystal sista, mssions
but I wanna be and fly away liek pigeons
I missin my family an all
but I just dont know dog
cuz i left another dog in the back yard
an he jab wit the left an he hit hard
(but I break off)

And thats why I stay low
cuz the world's gettin' too cold
We yellin it off the "O"
cuz the world's full of bitches
(picture this)
Cold cold world
They ask why I stay low
cuz the world's gettin too cold
we yellin out the "O"
cuz the world's full of bitches
It just is
Cold cold world

Picture two worlds collide
every civilization died
catchin bullet holes
you can still hear they mamas crying
In every second is the grave layed tight
niggas getting murdered and losin paper and they life
these days aint so bright now
this is a message to how shorties gotta pipe down
I know we wansta weather crime on the streets
we hear the sound of the heat
and every round is takin ya six feet
I heard the cops killed you last week
you got shot tryin to take the phone off the seat
rest in peace, I know it's better when your eyes sleep
god take us by the hands as we right deep
no longer seek for the things that weaken the flesh
did we believe and have faith when it bothered us?
I understand that we all must return to dust
and leave behind everything that our hands have touched
god, this world is too much


I first took a breather
heard a voice to the 1-9
nigga tryin tear ma life line
get it back and to ma right man
seeing blood on the sleece and a black nine
please god is it my time?
hold on to what am i face up for
black the night was
no light was
willing with the wind blew in
below, with a slug to the moon
open in time with the tom
looking for the hospital room
feelin kinda dizzy from the blood shed
turn around and heard a thug said
I gotta place we can play at
hop to da 99' never get at all red
come out quick before we all dead
to the back row
sippin henesey
better get relocated to the ash row
here that nine with the bullet-proof vest go
hottie lets go
pull a chromium free with the vest go
just a little on the testicle
never leaving till the rest go
and it's best to know
every dog on a day got a chance to bring
got a chain for the best clothes
I wanna die my best slow
and even in my death glow
lets have a prayer for the world, the cold one
from the old to the small one
jsut to say that we are one
father listen
this world is cold


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