Plastic Cup Politics

Hello six pack of confidence
Been so many nights
since we first met
Glad to see you've brought
all your friends
For another night of
plastic cup politics

Hello Mr Six Pack of confidence
I'm glad to see you've already met
Ms Twelve ounces of loneliness
And Mr Plastic cup politics
I see you're under the influence
Of warm beer and the comfort of
all your friends
And I see that Mr Loud Mouth
has had his forty ounce
And will pass out
I have no doubt
So drop your plastic cup and
clear your clouded heads

I keep asking myself if they realize
That their fears are really just the
same as mine

Do they know all their insecurities
Are the same ones that are inside of me
As people come and go
Do they know they're really not alone?
And the life of the party just left
I guess I couldn't cure his emptiness
Like all the rest
So drop your plastic cups and clear
your clouded heads

Here we are, another wasted night and
I am right along side
of forty sets of bloodshot eyes
And plastic smiles miles wide match
plastic cups we'll leave behind

It's just another night of
plastic cup politics
So drop your empty cups and clear
your clouded heads

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