Tekst piosenki Vanilla Ice: Cool As Ice (Everybody Get Loose) (Featuring Naomi Campbell)

Cool As Ice (Everybody Get Loose) (Featuring Naomi Campbell)

[Chorus 2x: Naomi Campbell]

Gotta hold on to this feelin'
Gotta let you body move
Gotta keep the music jumpin'
Everybody get loose

[Verse 1: Vanilla Ice]

Face the music, then I'm right behind
With a posse, a mic and a funky rhyme
It doesn't take a lot of time for me to clim
And whem I'm going for mine, I'm like a monkey on a vine
Goin' up the scale and I will prevail
Sharper than the point on the tip of a nail
Movin' with the speed of a thief on the run
My mic is my gun and my posse's the one
Ready for fun, But also for static
Anything breaks and they're ready automatic
I've had it with suckers who try to get paid
Sayin' they're teaching, But not makin' the grade they're played
I'm the teacher, man, you're the student
Close your ears if you feel you're prudent
And can't deal with the lyrics I'm steppin' with
But they're the lines the people are gettin' with
A lesson well taught, Here's some more advice
I don't sweat it on the mic, Cause I'm cool as ice

Chorus repeat 2x's

[Verse 2: Vanilla Ice]

Roll into town with no windows down
I'm on my bike and I'm headed for a mic
Battles defuse with the news of my arrival
Instincts are primal, I'm all about survival
Proceed with caution, I'm like a blaze
That's roared for days
All that gaze are amazed
Dazed by the force that they just witnessed
Master, Is the title to fit this
Man before ya, Lyrical lawyer
Suin' all the suckers on the mic that bore ya
Slick, I'll trick like a magician
On the microphone, I'm like a rap technician
Turn the party out in my opinion
Witty words make the world my dominion
Figure out a riddle in rhyme, You can't stump me
I get off if a beat is funky
I'm not sleepy, Dopey or grumpy
But you'll be fallin', Just like humpty did
And that's all she wrote
Then I disappear in a puff of smoke
I'm like a surgeon and I'm urgin'
Stay away or I'll slice
I don't sweat it under pressure
'cause I'm cool as ice

Chorus repeat 2x's

[Verse 3: Vanilla Ice]

Rise and shine, Girls up & at 'em
See a microphone on the stage and I'm grabbin'
You act like eve and I'll act like adam
Tangle with a snake, Make sure that you pat him
Keep him calm for sure or he'll strike back
Shake your booty girl, Yeah I like that
Keep your moves silky smooth, Hot and sexy
It won't vex me, I won't get testy
And when you rush the stage
Bein' all kinds of frantic
You know I won't panic, I'll just get romantic
Ten and twenty, you come by the droves
Don't be scared to take off your clothes
If you're really short, Get on your toes
And remember, Anything goes
'cause I'm all about fun on the run
I'll just take each girl one by one
I'n not the type to be tied up or tied down
There's enough of me to go around
Girlies on my tip like white on rice
I don't sweat it on the mic
'cause I'm cool as ice

Chorus repeat 2x's

Add libs

Chorus repeat 2x's

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