Letra da música de 30 Odd Foot of Grunts: The Legend Of Barry Kable

The Legend Of Barry Kable

The Legend Of Barry Kable

It was Barry's dad that committed the deed
That mapped out the life young Barry would lead
Eagle on his chest, he'd roar at the wilderness
'till the stars came out in his own head

Now he waits at the post office for delivery
walks down to the Talbot, just in time for tea
At least at the hostel, they won't steal your steaks,
My name is Barry and I brought my own plate

Well he'd ride with me, spit on me, take me on in Crown street
He crossed that road like a river

Painter and Docker, piss-head boxer
But a Rose of Australia was mad Barry
Dog in the moonlight, gentleman when he was right
He just dropped dead in the bottle shop of the Gaslight


I met Barry's boy driving him to Mc Kinnon (which is a detox unit)
He confessed to me he'd been doin' it hard
Looked like his dad, only braver
Well I might have helped him if I could just give the drink away

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