Gang Related

f/ Insane Clown Posse

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[Violent J] Gangsta?

[Anybody Killa]

Now if you got yo hat tilted to tha side
And you always down to jack a bitch for her ride
Or the colors that you rep make others upset
Then you might be GANG RELATED! (Aint nothin' wrong)

[Verse 1: Anybody Killa]

Never once been seen alone
ever since you can remember you was fully grown
Slangin' rocks on tha block with a knot in ya sock
then you might be
GANG RELATED! Murder rap
notches all in your belt
robbery and sellin'
trees the only jobs that you held
been to more damn funerals than the reverend himself
then you might be
GANG RELATED! In and out tha penitentiary
with no thought of graduation or a fuckin' degree
still clockin' "G"s from what you learned on tha streets
then you might be
GANG RELATED! (Aint nothin' wrong)

[Chorus: repeat 2X]

You might be (What!? what!?)
You might be gang related!

[Verse 2: Violent J]
Do you wear a hatchetman?
You in a gang and yo ass better be ready to do that thang
You rep tha JRB and you will never switch
(JRB?) Juggalo Rydas Bitch!
Did you beat your girlfriends who dissed your boys
Did your crew's name originate in Illinois?
Do you cross your enemies out with a "K"
Then you gang related to muthafucka like Violent J

[Anybody Killa]

I'm always asked if I'm gang related
by police and the public and I'm startin' to hate it
If I wasn't already that would sure make me think
About the problems that I have and what I'd do to be free
Besides gang related's such a harsh word
for them to call a bunch of homies takin' over tha world
Willin' to die for everything that we built
the battleground we call turf where haters come to be killed

(Chorus 4X)

[Violent J]

Do you participate in gang related activities?
03's, 211's, 187's?
If you do that's okay, fuck we all do
I'm only tryin' to say you gang related too bitch!
Take Anybody Killa
I know him but I wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him
He's fuckin' crazy as hell
you wouldn't know
Right now he's chewin' holes in the floor here at the studio
I don't even want to do this
But he asked me to and I'm scared of his pistol-whips
We're all sick in the hatchet's hatchery
but I just happen to be the master bitch-slappery
The bottom line, I won't say it again until you play it again
If you're gang related hope you're my friend
'Cause if I see you wearin' some shit I don't like
I'm shuttin' your cranium down with a lead pipe

(Chorus 4X)

[Shaggy 2 Dope]

Ah ha
ha ha
ha ha ha! You know what man? You just might be!
In spite of your own knowledge of 'em
A gangsta, gangobodacious, smacksimus
Maximum boogie woogie ryda AKA gang related
You dilapidated muthafucko!

(Chorus continuously)

You might be
You might be gang related! (Aint nothin' wrong)

[Violent J]
You fuckin' gangbangulator!

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