Death Delirium

night gleaming moon
the hours passing fast
into the bloodstained walls
the victim's shadow is cast

my ears are deaf to the weakened cries
born my rapture in the final sighs
a state of mind for the killing kind
a fog of death leaving me blind
tearing flesh inverting the trinity
bastard child of god
delusion inside my lust
death delirium

forcing you into death's affinity
drowning in your blood
ornated blood of rust
death delirium
death my disease
saved me from the light
a feast on your remains
your corpse carved up with delight

i am laughing as your life's undone
your body is mine to savage now as you're gone
the skin is torn sinners blade so cold
morbid end to massacres of old

gone soul is drained
this path i will always pace
lust soothes my lust
a freak of the human race

red dripping down
the urge of one defiled
haze my sweetest wish
is slaying your woman and child

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