Letra da música de Boogiemonsters: Whoever You Ar

Whoever You Ar


Whoever you are, wherever you are

[ Mondo ]

One day my mama sat me down, she had to school me
'Mondo, we have to flee, you haul in bad company'
We used to wop to Eric B & Ra's "Check the Melody"
Me and Dex knew all the lyrics to the 'Jimbrowski'
But now we grown up and it's not how we used to be
'I remember it was all so simple' - believe
Those peoples be schemin in secret societies
And those simply sick ( ? ) that can yo mind freeze
Aimin for a cash that's credit society
One nation, one ruler, so that they can own me
I'ma stand as a man and make it plain just the same
They gon' chip yo body, break down yo main frame
Tryin to make your morality splatter
In a minute weed, shorties and paper money won't even matter
I'ma convert all the doubtful to believers
Tell me, how you gon' charge coca crack or even a nickel bag of weed to a Visa
Card, without a job, baby, how you gon' plead?
I'ma tell it like it is, even if my job drops me
Watch thee, 33 degree Mason ( ? ) Illuminati
Tryin stop the vocalizin of reality
Big brother all seeing eye and pyramid is always watching you
And now they even on our currency
Let's break it on down to the jizz, that's how it gotta be
Big up to all Philly plus The Roots, my seed


[ Mondo ]
(This is time I rap my coin in, man, I thought that y'all was risin)
The last label didn't push us, my man, thank you for empathizin
This time I take control of my own, I'm through with compromisin
Recoupable debts is maximizin and I'm realizin
I can only be myself, Mister McCann and not a clone
Mama and pop duke ( ? ) God blessing ( ? ) got his own
I'm always provided for so I'm not a money freak
But to break it down and make it plain me and [Name] gotta eat
There's no more halfsteppin, representin our behalf
We tightened up all the lyrics and got a new production staff
Vex and myself, Caspa, Domingo
Tweakin God Sound to make you find ( ? )
So it's comin atcha, that's the theme of this lesson
So strive for perfection


To all my people in
Uhm, let me see
Like, to all my people in Africa
It's like, it's like, it's worldwide
Like, to all my people in Australia
It's like, it's worldwide, right
And like to all my people in Canada
It's like, it's worldwide
And right, and check it
To all my people in Asia
It's like, it's worldwide
Aha, and right
To all my people in Europe
It's like, it's worldwide
Aha, aha
And all my people in America
It's like, it's worldwide

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