Letra da música de Digital Underground: Future Rhythm

Future Rhythm

Hit em with the rhythm of the future x4

[Krazy Horse/Shock G]
(In the future) It's gonna be a rhythm divine
A paradise peace of mind vibe for every kind
Text to the sexless, dollars to the needy
Power to the people but DEATH to the greedy
(In the future) There's gonna be a new drug
To keep the people sleep deep on the streets
Strung up! It keeps you lifted longer
We be faxing freaks through that Internet
Hold on, I think I got 2 new females in my e-mail

[Shock G]

They told me unity was not at home
But they lied
I seen them with my TV screen phone

(In the future) I tap through the web online
Find time to program a freak the way I program the beats
Tweak the eats, ni son chi
Now ladies speak your speech
Hella sweet but kinda salty your balls
(In the future) Uhhh, now that's what I'm talkin bout
Got me this hard, dry swollen, out of control
Bow to the audience
Collect your chips and switch your clips
And leave the scene with the green
We give them future rhythm


Moses knows this so he flows
Prophesy for the future
They're making microchips for your toes

[Humpty Hump]

And the Nose knows those that goes
Against the flow of Mother Nature
You're breaking up the show

[Shock G]

Louie Louie, yes we received your fax
It said to have each others' backs

[Krazy Horse/Shock G]
(In the future) No imitation Gs flexing tecs in the hood
Bravery turned sweetery, 150 turns on their streetery
Warriors who blast passed what they can't do
It's how we're hitting em in the future rhythm
(In the future) We'll still be getting lifted
The gifted will rise, no lies from the higher-ups
Power shifted, wine and [????] ain't gon be the pride
Of brown town, less stress and desperation in our eyes

Hit em with the rhythm of the future
Baby, let me play with you (x4)

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